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Make your mark in Europe’s centuries-old nexus for business and commerce.

Though it’s famous for Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and double-decker buses, London’s accessibility, cultural heritage, world-class infrastructure, high-quality services, and professionalism make it an ideal location for corporate events.

London and the surrounding cities are home to nearly 10 million people and offer one of the most vibrant cultural, entertainment, and business environments in the world. With 17 convention centers and a variety of other attractions, finding the venue and location that is appropriate for your corporate event requires boots-on-the-ground experience. Some of the most interesting areas for corporate events are the newer communities on the East side, including Hoxton. Canary Wharf has emerged as a second downtown area with many commerce and restaurants. For companies gathering attendees from around the globe, London is an iconic destination capable of hosting impactful and immersive brand events, meetings, and conferences. Highly-skilled specialists are prevalent in the city, making it easy to produce state-of-the-art productions and sophisticated corporate events and meetings

Global Appeal

London is the perfect host city for people from around the globe. A central hub for travel, the city is also a well-engineered walking and public transportation city. At Trademark, we’ve produced corporate events that vary in size and scope. From intimate invitation-only gatherings to large conferences and philanthropic productions. We know all the details about navigating the city, the venues, the hotels, and the local production resources. London is one of our favorite destinations to create events because of its various hotels and formal meeting spaces, ranging from historical to ultra-modern. Its rich music scene, performing arts community, sporting events, and unusual venues make finding entertainment easy. London is for serious business meetings, sales kick-off meetings, and conferences.

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"London is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all over the world living and working in the city. This diversity is reflected in the range of events and activities on offer, from conferences, music festivals and food fairs to art exhibitions and theatre performances. London has a wide range of world-class venues that can accommodate events of all sizes. It also has a reputation as a global center for business, finance, and entertainment making it the ideal place to host our annual Appian EMEA conference"

Wendy Cook - Senior Producer Trademark


As with any city, finding the right hotel partner is critical. Consider the size of your event, availability of event spaces, location relative to desired off-site activities, cost, and, most importantly, the relationship with hotel management to ensure the successful execution of every detail.

Trademark has long-established relationships with the world’s largest and most successful hotel brands, so we can negotiate the best rates and often gain access to venues that can be hard to secure.

Off-site Entertainment and Team Activities

Many hotels serve as both the home base for guest accommodations and the venue for major parts of event production, including general sessions, break-outs, special events and meetings, meals, parties, and entertainment activities. Trademark has established relationships with the production side of the house in every hotel and venue we work with to ensure that event production quality is the highest possible.

Some of our favorite off-the-beaten-path venues include bowling, dancing, and games at Croc Alley in the Ham Yard Hotel or ping-pong breakout sessions at Bounce. Trademark has access to the industry’s best videographers, photographers, AV and lighting specialists, sound engineers, and production staff in London. Having executed successful programs in the city, we have relationships with many local professionals and specialists to support your event.

Off-site Entertainment and Team Activities

Teams and attendees can create unique experiences and excursions that impact visitors. Tours of The Tower of London, a historic castle once used as a royal palace and prison, is a popular attraction that offers your attendees a chance to experience history, see the Crown Jewels, and see exhibitions on its past as a royal palace and prison.

Attendees can get a sense of the monarchy with a quick visit to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British monarch. Attendees may want to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony and explore the palace’s impressive State Rooms, which can be arranged.

Sporting events such as European football matches, concerts, art exhibitions, and galleries can provide clients with opportunities to give unique experiences to VIP guests.

Trademark’s Take on London

London is full of options, neighborhoods, history, and cultures. Creating bespoke experiences in this great city is limited only by your imagination, with plenty of opportunities to make your event special and unique. It’s highly accessible and easy to walk and engage with the locals in approachable settings, including restaurants, city parks, private venues, and transformed spaces.

Like many popular cities, we recommend that you book early. London is very popular, especially in the summer, and the best venues book up quickly. We can navigate the hotels, entertainment venues, and specialists needed to make your event a success, but the earlier an event is booked, the more likely it will be that you can secure the components you want at the best prices. We are aware of any incentives or savings offered by the city or the venues in the city. Trademark is a GO for London.

Find The Perfect Venue in London

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